14 June 2016

Running in heels - Anna Maxted

I recently reread the hilarious and at the same time very emotional book
Running in Heels by Anna Maxted
the story is one that made me laugh, cry and feel it all
it's light-hearted and serious
it's special and touched me deeply
in the story I met
characters I sometimes struggled to love but I still wanted only the very best for them
towards the end of the book is an especially powerful scene 
here's a quote from it

He lifts my right hand and gently waggles each finger in turn. "This," he says, "is a special hand. It belongs to someone precious. But she was sloppy. She didn't read the manufacturer's instructions properly. She ditched the batteries. And it took her a while to see that she wasn't working and that she'd better take more care. And though it was a big yawn, paying attention to the small print, that's what she did. And" - his voice dips to a whisper - "now, she's working beautifully."

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