19 June 2016

My true love gave to me - Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, Gayle Forman + Kiersten White

Back when I read "My true love gave to me", an collection of twelve short holiday YA romances, I didn't review the book, today I want to change that. I want to at least talk a bit my favourite four stories. Btw, a sort of companion novel to this book already exists, its called Summer Days and Summer Nights (read my thoughts on the book here) and includes twelve summer YA romances. 

Midnights - Rainbow Rowell

So far I have enjoyed every YA story by Rainbow Rowell and "Midnights" was no exception. The story is the first in the book and is set on consecutive December 31s over a time span of several years. It's a story about friendship, about change after college starts and evil nuts.
It's a wonderful story, both romantic and funny. It's a story that feels real and relevant. It's a YA story by Rainbow Rowell, so of course I loved it. If you haven't read any YA or NA books by Rowell so far, then I can especially recommend "Eleanor & Park" and of course "Fangirl", and after that "Carry on".

It's a Yuletide miracle, Charlie Brown - Stephanie Perkins

Christmas trees, one sad looking apartment and a special voice, these are the ingredients that Stephanie Perkins based her story on. And as expected it's a funny and also sweet short story. A story about families and helping others making the most out of a difficult situation. Stephanie Perkins writes YA romances I care about, she is one of the queens of the genre and books like "Anna and the french kiss" and "Lola and the boy next door" belong to my all time favourites.
This short story is continued in "Summer Days and Summer Nights" and together these two short stories are just wonderful.   

What the hell have you done, Sophie Roth - Gayle Forman

How to handle college when nobody seems to get you? When everything is different from what you expected? These are the main things our main character Sophie is thinking about. A chance encounter with another student has the power to change everything and the story is all about where this one evening leads to and what it changes. 

I loved that this story deals with starting college and not knowing how to handle that things are different from what you expected. That it deals with feeling alone, with not fitting in. The romance is there, but you don't know for sure if it will be a major factor in the future of our main characters, but somehow that didn't bother me. The ending is full of hope and that's what I enjoyed the most. 

Welcome to Christmas, CA - Kiersten White

A mysterious cook that seems to always know exactly what food his customers need to feel better, a waitress who plans to leave town as soon as school is over and a family that doesn't talk with each other, these are the three major points in this story. I enjoyed the combination of the romance and the family dynamics a lot. I was surprised that the family dynamics and the changes in them actually won me over in this story. The romance was nice, but not my highlight. I loved that you could clearly see the changes at the end of the story, how everyone was closer and finally able to show some of their feelings.

Happy Reading!

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