28 June 2016

In the middle of somewhere & Out of nowhere - Roan Parrish

two male/male romances
the plots sounded emotional and intense
plus sexy
I like all of that in my romances
so I got the books
I have mixed feelings about both stories
I liked that we got to know all characters pretty well
I also enjoyed how the romances developed 
and that there wasn't too much drama
I enjoyed the first book more than the second one
because I liked the main characters more
especially Rex
in the second book I struggled with one of the main characters a lot
I did not like him at all
even though I enjoyed certain aspects in both books
I struggled with one major thing
I didn't feel that much when reading the stories
especially the romances didn't touch me as deeply as expected
I'm not sure why this happened
maybe because I never managed to get into a good reading flow
but I'm not sure about it
and I wanted more happy moments 
I wanted to laugh and smile more often
if you like complex romances
then these two books could be worth a try
for me they were ok to good. 

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