01 June 2016

Girl from Mars & Honey Trap - Julie Cohen

I'm once again rereading some of my books to help me decide if they are great enough to stay on my shelves or not. I already sorted out around ten books for different reasons, but of course I also decided that some books just have to stay, two of these books are "Girl from Mars" and "Honey Trap" by Julie Cohen

Both books, especially "Girl from Mars" are stories about love and friendship. I never doubted for one second that the characters are real people, their emotions are so strong, they make you feel so much. The humour in both books is spot on, the balance between romance and the rest was perfect. And the plots are also fresh, once again especially in "Girl from Mars". 

I'm not sure if these books were categorized as contemporary romances and I honestly don't care. These two books are great books, books that made me smile, cry a little and have a good time. So of course these two books are here to stay. 

Btw, I read more of Julie Cohen's books, but especially the ones that were published in the last years no longer managed to touch me as deeply, I was also missing the special, slightly crazy characters and a certain lightness. 

Happy Reading!

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