02 June 2016

Exposed to you - Beth Kery

"Exposed to you" is another book I recently reread and it's another book that will be staying on my shelves. It's a book that actually made me excited to read at least two of the other stories in the series, I wonder why I didn't check them out the first time I read the book.

The story is a steamy, emotional contemporary romance between an artist and a famous actor. I loved the beginning of the book and the first meeting of the main characters, also how they finally met again for the second time months later.

Both have some things to deal with, especially Joy. Both main characters were very likable and I rooted for them right from the start. I loved their journey towards the happy ending, it made me excited for my by Beth Kery.

I already bought an ebook version of "Bound to you" and plan to buy a print version of "Addicted to you", the first book in the series, soon. The books are loosely connected and I hope that the stories will be as intense and emotional as "Exposed to you". And I plan to check out what Beth Kery has published, maybe some of the books will also be added to my wish list.

Happy Reading!

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