20 June 2016

Every Word - Ellie Marney

book #2 in the Every series
young adult mystery
"What if Sherlock Holmes was the boy next door?"
I loved the first book "Every Breath"
especially its intensity and fascinating characters
I had high hopes for the second book
and I'm happy to say that I got all I wanted
once again the plot is thrilling
the characters are even more complex than in the first book
there are lighter moments, but also darker ones
our two main characters once again go through some dangerous things
what happens will leave a lasting impression on them
the romance got more intense
but also more difficult
because what happens might threaten the relationship between Rachel and James
both the characters and their relationships felt real
I never doubted that I'm reading about real people and not just characters
the final book in the trilogy is already out
however not in the hardcover edition I want
hopefully it will be published in autumn
because I need to know how everything ends
I definitely recommend this series. 


  1. A fantastic sequel to this brilliant urban mystery romance! Every Word is a sexy and intelligent story with gritty and heart stopping action!

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    1. So true, I want more fans of YA novels to give this series a try, it's just amazing.




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