23 June 2016

Devil May Cry + Bad Moon Rising (Dark Hunter) - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunter series
once upon a time I loved the Dark Hunters
especially the first paranormal romances in the series
but I haven't read any of books in the last five years or so
because the stories no longer appeal to me
too many new characters
too many plot developments that didn't seem natural 
that felt very constructed and forced
too many romances that didn't touch my heart
things stopped making sense
I reread two of the books from my shelves I wasn't sure about
should they stay on my shelves or not?
Devil May Cry (#13) worked for me
so it will stay on my shelf
Bad Moon Rising  (#19)
no longer worked for me
so it will go
at that point the series had already started to change
I no longer felt at home within the stories
I no longer cared about all of the new characters
it's hard for an author to find the perfect moment to finish a series
in my opinion that moment was missed with the Dark Hunter books
there is one upcoming book I might read
and that is Savitar's story
other than that I'm no longer interested in any new books
set in the Dark Hunter world. 


  1. It is a shame the series didn't take a chance to finish before it lost interest for you. At least you gave it a second chance ey :)

    1. In the last years I had the same issue with quiet a number of series, for example also with books by JR Ward. But at least the earlier books in the series were great and I enjoyed them.




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