25 June 2016

Dairy Queen series - Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Dairy Queen series (books 1-3)
contemporary young adult
a series in which sports and farm life both play an important role
an extraordinary heroine who is looking for her place in life
who tries hard to stay strong for her family
who isn't always sure about her own strength
a life between school, training, helping out at home and hoping for a scholarship
D.J. Schwenk is one of the best heroines in YA contemporaries I've met
I loved her voice
how she changed throughout the series
and got stronger and surer of herself
coming of age, family, friendship and first love all play an important role
a great series
you just have to love the Schwenk's 
there is now a fourth book in this series out
Curtis Schwenk is one of the main characters
I plan to buy it soon
btw, right now I own the first book of the series in German
but I plan to get the English version that fits to the other two books I already own soon
I enjoyed rereading the Dairy Queen series a lot
and would recommend the books to all fans of YA contemporaries.

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