15 May 2016

Troublemaker - Linda Howard

romantic suspense
many of Howard's older romantic suspense novels
belong to my favourites
however I didn't like all of the last books
after "To die for" something changed
flat characters
unbelievable suspense aspects 
and romances that were just not good
after a little break now finally a new book
I hoped to find what I loved in books like "Mr. Perfect", "To die for" or "Now you see here"
but I didn't
this new book was ok
but nowhere near as good as some of the other books by Howard
I struggled a bit with the writing style
at times I was bored
didn't like the male main character
couldn't believe in the suspense aspects
wasn't emotionally involved
the story wasn't that fresh
it's more like a mix of other plots Howard used in the past
always the same type of male main character
I don't think that I will read more by Linda Howard in the future
her way to write stories no longer works for me
but at least I still have my old favourites by her. 


  1. I'm really enjoying your current review format. Short, simple, striaght to the point :)
    I've not read any of this author, shame it didn't make it as one of your favourites by her but at least you can still look back on fondness of her authors.

    1. Thanks!

      And so true. I will always treasure some of Howard's books even though her latest novels no longer work for me.

      Happy Reading!




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