28 May 2016

Sworn to the wolf - Lauren Dane

#2 in the Wolf’s Ascension series
paranormal romance
I love erotic romances by Lauren Dane
but struggle a bit with her other books
now I tried one of her latest books
as always I enjoyed the author's writing style
she makes it easy for me to get into a good reading flow
but I unfortunately didn't care that much about the characters
and what happened to them
I can't explain why
and it frustrates me
why do I love some books by Lauren Dane
and others don't work for me?
why do her erotic romances stand out?
why not the contemporary romances 
and paranormal romances?
I have no idea.

The two series by Lauren Dane I can highly recommend are
The Brown Family
The Federation. 


  1. Oh cool I'll keep an eye out for her books :)

    1. I personally would recommend her hotter books to get started with her work, but I also know that many readers like her paranormal novels.

      Happy Reading!




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