21 May 2016

Isn't she lovely - Lauren Layne

Isn't she lovely
new adult romance
lately I have heard a lot of great things about books
by Lauren Layne
especially about her NA books
I read three of her adult ones and liked them
but didn't love them
this was my first New Adult story by her
the story is set at college
our main characters seem to have nothing in common
they are from different worlds
are interested in different things
but when they are forced to work together
things begin to change
overall I enjoyed "Isn't she lovely"
but it didn't make me super excited for more
the characters and their story were too easy to forget
I'm not sure if I will read more by the author in the future.


  1. Aww bummer that this wasn't something you'd remember. Seems you've been on a huge contemp. romance book binge lately, guess eventually something isn't going to stick.

    I hope the next one you read is one that sucks you in.

    Lauren @ Northern Plunder

    1. I'm definitely in the mood for all kinds of contemporary romances right now, everything else has to wait. In the last years I read a lot of YA books and not as many contemporary adult romances, now it's just the opposite.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Sorry it did not work for you as it did for others. NA is not my genre I confess. After becoming single again, I am not up for much contemporary romance, I find myself reaching for Urban fantasy and cozy mysteries. But I did enjoy two Carolyn Brown Cowboy books in one week, if you like that sub genre.

    1. I can totally understand that you are right now drawn to books with less romance.

      I like NA from time to time, especially the books that aren't overly dramatic, but I also don't need to read them all of the time.

      Happy Reading!

  3. oh sorry to hear that you didn't like this one. I am reading one of her books right now, liking it but not loving it yet. I can understand what you mean about the characters though.

    1. Liking not loving happened to me a lot this year with the books I read. But at least liking is still better than not caring or even hating.

      Happy Reading!




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