15 May 2016

Eligible - Curtis Sittenfeld

#4 in the Austen Project
modern retellings by different authors of books by Jane Austen
I read all books in the series so far
#1 was ok to nearly good
#2 and #3 didn't work for me
I missed the fascinating characters and family dynamics that Jane Austen was famous for
and the wonderful romances
now comes "Eligible" 
it's the second book after "Prep" (didn't love it) that I read by the author
a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice
it was ok
but nothing that makes me excited for more
I didn't enjoy some of the modern aspects of the story
for example the reality tv one got on my nerves
wasn't such a big fan of the main characters
didn't feel a lot when reading about the romances
definitely not as great as the original
I don't plan to go on with this series.

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