20 May 2016

More contemporary romances

Let's talk shortly about more ebooks I bought some weeks ago when I had a cold. Once again not all books were perfect for me and most didn't leave a lasting impression on me. Like I said in my last post, in the future I will be more careful about buying books when I'm down with a cold.

Pretty much all of a books are sexy contemporary romances or even erotic romances.

The Empire State Series - Louise Bay
I had all three books but only really read the first one. On paper this story should have been a good one for me, but unfortunately I had some issues with the writing style and couldn't get into a good reading flow. After finishing the first book, I only read a few pages here and there in the other two books because I wasn't that interested in the characters and their story. 

Full Contact (Redemption #3) - Sarah Castille
You know me, I'm usually a big fan of contemporary sports romances, but this one wasn't perfect for me. The tone of the book was overall not as light-hearted as I wanted it to be, plus the back and forth in the romance at the ending got on my nerves. I don't plan to go on with the series. Fans of sports romances centered around underground MMA fighters might enjoy this book. 

The Invitation - Roxy Sloane
I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked the writing style and some parts of the story, but not all. Especially towards the end of the book things got a bit too dramatic for my taste. Plus the story wasn't that fresh and didn't leave a lasting impression on me, still I overall had a good time with this book. 

Dare to run (Steel Row #1) - Jen McLaughlin
Once again I have to ask myself why I bought this book. I started to read the first 20 pages, then looked up the synopsis online and had to shake my head. After reading the synopsis it should have been clear that the book would be a bit too dark and dramatic for my taste. But somehow my brain didn't work when reading the synopsis, I still blame the cold I had for that. If you like romances who are not that light-hearted, then maybe this book might be worth a try. 

Find me (Found Duet #2) - Laurelin Paige
I enjoyed the first book in this duology, #2 was unfortunately not as good. There were some imo unnecessary lengths in the story, the romance couldn't convince me and some of the developments were a bit too unbelievable. However because I enjoy the author's writing style I plan to read more by her in the future.

Happy Reading!

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