24 May 2016

Broken Sky - L.A. Weatherly

YA dystopian
first book in the Broken trilogy
I enjoyed the Angel trilogy by the author (such ugly covers!)
so I was excited to see that she released something new
I haven't read a dystopian novel for some time
I thought that I was over the genre
but now I was in the mood for more
I enjoyed "Broken Sky"
it's not the best dystopian novel I have ever read
but still a good one
with an interesting and fresh world-building
characters I cared about
and a bit of romance
 a world in which conflicts between nations are solved through one-on-one battles between pilots
a world in which one nation wants more and more power
and is willing to do everything to get it
a world in which horoscopes decide your destiny
a world in which you can't trust even those close to you
the book starts with our main character on the run
then it jumps back in time and you learn why Amity has to hide
there where some lengths in the story
especially in the middle of the book
and even though I cared about the characters, I'm not going to think about them again and again
but still I'm excited to see how the story will progress
so yes, I plan to read "Darkness follows" in autumn 2016. 


  1. Thank you for sharing, I've not read dystopian in a while this seems worth checking out

    1. Definitely check out the full synopsis and an excerpt, hope that you will like what you see.

      Happy Reading!




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