08 May 2016

The Purest Hook - Scarlett Cole

#3 in the Second Circle Tatoos romance series
read as an ebook
I really enjoyed  "The Strongest Steel" (#1)
thought that "The Fractured Heart" (#2) was still good,
but too dramatic
and it's pretty much the same with this book
Cole's writing style is great for me
she makes it easy to get lost in her stories
to believe in the characters
to feel a lot
but once again the plot was a bit too much for my taste
too much drama in the now
too many dramatic and horrible events in the past
I wanted more focus on the romance
less on the drama
overall I still enjoyed "The Purest Hook"
and plan to go on with the series.


  1. Not sure it is something for me, but I like the series name, and the cover ...

    1. Me too. I'm drawn to series with tattoo artists as the main characters. I can recommend the first book in the series and in general I like the way Scarlett Cole writes, but the drama is just a bit too much for my taste.

      Happy Reading!

  2. oh yes...too much drama can detract from the romance!!!

    1. So true. I can deal with some drama and emotional things going on, but too much distracts me from the romance and I don't want that.

      Happy Reading!




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