05 May 2016

The Summer Games - R.S. Grey

contemporary romance set at the Olympics
stand-alone but with characters from "Scoring Wilder"
I loved "Scoring Wilder" 
so I was excited to meet the characters again
she is a soccer (in Europe we would of course say football) player
he is a superstar swimmer
they meet, sparks are everywhere and so it starts
of course there are some issues to overcome
some dramatic developments to handle
games and races to win
as with the other books I recently read by R.S. Grey
I had a good time with the story
I had to smile and laugh a lot
but the story didn't leave a lasting impression on me
I liked the characters, but didn't love them
I fear that the romances by R.S. Grey are no longer perfect for me
I don't know what changed, but something did
still this was an enjoyable sports romance.

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