27 April 2016

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver
Urban Fantasy
#3 in The Others series
I loved the first two books in the series
the characters, the plot, the world building
everything is so fantastic
the atmosphere is so rich
book #3 was also amazing
I could immediately reconnect with the characters
remembered who is who without any issues
the story continued to be very intense
things got even more dangerous and complex
what happens is at times sad, but also exciting and happy
I loved learning more about the power balance among The Others
when reading Vision in Silver I thought
that we humans need someone like The Ohers to make sure
that we don't take more of the earth than it can give
but sadly
we don't have anyone to keep us in check
btw, the only thing I don't like about the books in this series are the covers
they are truly horrible
but the rest is pretty much perfection
so if you haven't read the books yet
run and get a copy of book #1


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the set! I'm not sure on the cover judgment though... may be an in person thing. ☺ Thanks for sharing!

    1. The covers in the series were never my thing, also the person on the cover doesn't really fit to the people in the books. But hey, if the cover is the only thing I want to complain about all is good.

      Happy Reading!

  2. i seriously dint get why more people dont read those books, probably because the author has a blog with 2003 design and no internet presence :/ everybody should read them

    1. I have to agree that the author's blog could need a fresher design and still I don't understand why the books aren't everywhere.




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