31 March 2016

Sports and contemporary romances

In the last two weeks, especially in the last days, I finally read some of the ebooks I had bought & downloaded lately. Now my ebook tbr pile is once again manageable and quiet small.

Take a chance on me  - Jennifer Dawson
This is the first book in a contemporary romance series and it's a book I enjoyed a lot. It's just the right combination of funny, sexy, sweet and emotional scenes. Plus you get a set of interesting characters you can believe in and that you root for.

I also read The winner takes it all, the second book in the series. I still enjoyed the mood of the book, but didn't like the characters as much as I did in the first book. 

I was here - Gayle Forman
Beginning and end of the book left a lasting impression on me, but I struggled a bit with how the plot developed in the middle part. A serious book that doesn't try to deliver all of the answers, I liked that. 

Carolina Cold Fury series, books #2-5 - Sawyer Bennett
All of the books in this contemporary sports romance series surrounding Ice Hockey players were entertaining and good. The books are not the best sports romances I have ever read, but I'm still happy that I've read them because they gave me a good time.  

Thrill of the chase - Elle Keating
I expected something completely different from the book, also a trigger warning (the heroine was raped in the past and you get flashbacks of it) would have been nice. The romance didn't work for me, the suspense elements bothered me more than they thrilled me. Not my kind of story. 

The wall of Winnipeg - Mariana Zapata
Something about the writing style bothered me, plus I didn't like the male main character. So I finished the book, but skipped some pages here and there. 

Anatomy of a Player - Cindi Madsen
A pretty typical New Adult sports romance, it was ok, but I have read better ones. 

Strong Side - Alison Hendricks
An entertaining M/M sports romance, ok to good, but nothing that will stay with me. 

Unexpected Rush - Jaci Burton
Another sports romance, an ok book for me. I wasn't that interested in the main characters and their romance. Lately this series has been more miss than hit for me.

Happy Reading!

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