24 March 2016

A thousand boy kisses - Tillie Cole

in the past I enjoyed the Sweet series (new adult) by Tillie Cole
I was very excited for her new YA romance
I knew before that it would be a emotional story
but I didn't know why, couldn't find any good spoilers
so I went into the book without knowing what to expect
Tillie Cole's writing style was good
but the characters couldn't convince me
some got on my nerves, others annoyed me
all of the characters appeared a bit flat
I never thought of them as real people
the ending didn't work for me at all
for many it will work as a happily ever after
for me it didn't, I wasn't happy and satisfied with it
I realized that I missed the hotter scenes from Cole's NA books
I will read more by the author
but will look for spoilers on stories that are described as highly emotional.

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