09 March 2016

Us - Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

#2 in a new adult M/M contemporary sports romance series
I liked the first book, but expected more of it
Us gave me exactly what I wanted
a romance I loved
interesting characters
a great mix of lovely, funny, emotional and sexy scenes
and one of the most hilarious characters I met in some time
Blake, a friend of the main characters, added something to the story I missed in book #1
he made me constantly smile 
and laugh out loud
I need more of him
in Us I finally began to appreciate the main characters for who they are
I finally was completely convinced by their feelings
and love
I had such a fantastic time with this book
can't wait for the next one with Jamie and Wes
a great book. 


  1. Just finished this last night. Loved it. Love them.

    1. Me too. Now I can't wait to read about the wedding, and of course Blake.




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