27 February 2016

New books: romances, dragons and more

Some of the print books I bought in the last book can be seen in the picture above. I'm very happy with how I shop for print books right now, I almost always remember to read an excerpt first, I make sure that the books will be not too dark for me and that the plot is exactly what I'm looking for. I check a few, but not too many reviews, look for spoilers when I need them and then decide wether buying the book makes sense to me or not. My goal is of course to pretty much enjoy all of the new books I buy, of course there will continue to be some misses, but hopefully less than there were in the past. 

I'm still drawn to books that focus on the romance and thought that it would be time to try out some new paranormal romances. I also bought two contemporary romances, two books in series I want to continue / finish and one book because of a recommendation by author Rainbow Rowell (Tooth and Claw).

The books
Vampires never cry Wolfe - Sara Humphreys
Wickedly Dangerous - Deborah Blake
Autumn Thorns - Yasmine Galenorn
Rebel Cowboy - Nicole Helm
Ivy Lane - Cathy Bramley
Tooth and Claw - Jo Walton
Deceptions - Kelley Armstrong
Never - KD McEntire

Happy Reading!

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