27 February 2016

Ebooks I read in the last weeks

In the last weeks I first have been very busy with work and then was sick, but thankfully on some days I still managed to read. I actually managed to read a lot of contemporary romances in ebook format, some were good, others I did not finish, some I only skimmed. Today I want to give you a quick overview on what I read and what I thought about it. 

Skating on Thin Ice, Melting Ice, Hearts on Ice and Love at first snow  - Jami Davenport
These four contemporary sports romances, two short stories and two longer novels, were all ok to good. I had a good time with the romances, I liked the mix of hot and lovely scenes, but the books were also easy to forget once I was done with them.
I might read more by the author in the future, but it's not a must for me.

Game Over - Lisa B. Kamps
Another contemporary sports romance, the suspense elements in the story weren't that believable and actually annoyed me a bit, otherwise this could have been a good romance. 

Home Ice - Catherine Gayle
I usually like the books in this series but have to say that this shorter novel was only ok. It was over before it really began and the romance didn't make me feel anything. 

Major Misconduct - Kelly Jamieson 
Easy to read, easy to forget. A nice, hot romance, but nothing special that made me super excited for more by the author. 

The Final Move, One More Shot and Making a Play - Victoria Denault 
These book on brothers who play hockey were nearly good, but something was missing to make me a big fan of them. My emotions got involved when reading the stories, but not as much as I wanted to. Some story lines weren't perfect for me, some characters annoyed me a bit. 

One Night with a Quarterback and Loving him off the field - Jeanette Murray
Once again the books were easy to read and overall nice romances, but they were also pretty easy to forget once I finished the last page. The characters didn't stay with me after I finished the books. So in the end these are ok to good sports romances. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The Strongest Steel and The Fractured Heart - Scarlett Cole
I really enjoyed "The Strongest Steel", but thought that "The Fractured Heart" was overly dramatic and not that believable. Scarlett Cole's romances have the power to make me feel a lot, I care about the characters she creates and I'm entertained while reading, so even though the second book in The Second Circle Tattoos series wasn't perfect for me, I still plan to ago on with the series.

Btw, I have a weird fascination with main characters that work as tattoo artists, I don't have a tattoo and don't plan to get one, and still I love reading about characters whose job is centered on tattoos. 

Built - Jay Crownover
This is the second book by the author I read and it's the second time that I couldn't connect with the story and characters, something about the author's writing style just doesn't work for me, this was a book I did not finish. I know that many readers love books by the author, but they are not for me.

Hyde and Seek & Best Kase Scenario - Layla Frost 
Both books are hot, made me feel a lot and gave me a good time. The suspense elements in both books added something special to the romances, even though the developments at the ending of #2 were a bit unbelievable and overly dramatic. Without them the book would have been even better.

The male characters are alpha heroes, not too dominant but still enough to make things work for me. The female characters are just as strong and determined as the male ones, so that's a good fit. I hope that there will be more books in this series, because I'm in the mood for more sexy, sometimes a bit crazy, romances by Layla Frost.

Kindred Spirits - Rainbow Rowell
This short story by Rainbow Rowell was just published and of course I had to have it. It's an young adult contemporary story that focuses on three people, two of them teens, who wait in in line for several days to see the new Star Wars movie.
I would never camp to be the first to get into a movie but have to say that I loved that Rowell picked this as her setting.  The story is short, but not too short. Yes, I would have loved to have more pages, would have loved to see what happened after the movie, what happened at school, but the ending still worked for me. The themes of the story are friendship and finding your position in society, and as always Rainbow Rowell just is a master in making me care about her characters.  

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