10 February 2016

The one plus one - Jojo Moyes

stand-alone, adult
I finally read a book by Jojo Moyes
and liked it
but didn't love it
the author is great at creating characters
I could see them as real people
my emotions were involved
I liked Jess and her two kids
enjoyed reading about them
was sad when there were sad
was happy when they were happy
Ed, the love interest, was a bit too flat for my taste
the romance didn't work for me
I couldn't feel the attraction and emotions between Jess and Ed
think without the romance the book might have been better
but who knows
I enjoyed the time I spend with the book
want to read more by Jojo Moyes
but most of her stories don't appeal to me that much
but one day I will read another book by her. 


  1. I've never read this author, sorry the romance did not work for you. But would there be a story without it?

    1. Yes, there was more than enough of a story without the romance, at least for me. But hey, I still had a good time with the book.

      Happy Reading!




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