10 February 2016

Burn for me - Ilona Andrews

#1 in the Hidden Legacy series
I loved the first five books in the Kate Daniels series
then the plot developments no longer worked for me
I wanted to give other books by the author duo a chance
so I got #1 in a current trilogy (#1 was published back in 2014!)
it's an paranormal romance (light UF?)
special abilities play an important role
as do crimes
and evil plans
our main character Nevada is forced to search for a dangerous guy
then she is kidnapped by one of the most powerful man on earth
there is some serious attraction
and a ton of issues between them
staying alive is hard enough
so there might be no place for feelings
I loved the first 30 pages of the book
was convinced that the rest would be as great
but once Mad Rogan, the male main character, appeared
things began to change
I was at times bored by the scenes with him
could not always see his appeal
felt as times as if I had read the story before
the world building wasn't as fresh and exciting as I hoped for
still I enjoyed parts of the story
a story between ok and good
I think that I might give book #2 a try 
it will be out May 2017
a long time to wait
hopefully it will be worth it.


  1. I am sorry you are disappointed, as I absolutely loved this book, read it twice already. I also enjoyed her quirky family, especially her grandmother. And how she gets the better on her "boss".

    1. I know that you still enjoy pretty much all of the books by Ilona Andrews, for me the first Kate Daniels books were amazing, but then either the authors way to create stories or my taste in books changed in ways that no longer fit together. So I wasn't that surprised that "Burn for me" wasn't perfect for me.

      Happy Reading!




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