05 February 2016

Nuts - Alice Clayton

the first book in a new contemporary adult romance series
I loved the Redhead and Wallbanger series by the author 
they are the perfect mix of funny, romantic and sexy
this book is about
a private chef and a local farmer 
she is only in town for a few weeks
the chemistry between them is there from the first second
they start a relationship
but will it be really over within a few weeks
or might there be a future for them?
I loved the setting
enjoyed reading about the local farmers
liked the main characters
her more than him
the romance was nice
but I wanted something a bit more sizzling
more hilarious
a bit more crazy
compared to other books by Alice Clayton "Nuts" was a bit too tame for my taste
I'm not sure if I will be going on with the second book in the series.


  1. The background sounds interesting and romance3 is always good.

    1. So true, I think my issues appeared because of too specific expectations, I need to forget the other books by Alice Clayton and take her new series for what it is, a nice contemporary romance.

      Happy Reading!




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