24 January 2016

The Baller - Vi Keeland

The Baller
a contemporary sports romance
a stand-alone novel
read as an ebook
hot and fast-paced
strong characters
with tragedy in their pasts
there are serious sparks from the first moment they met
he plays professional football
she is a sports journalist
they are attracted to each other
the question is
if their relationship will have a future
or will doubts destroy their feelings
I liked the romance and relationship
I cared about what happened with the characters
the mix between light-hearted, sexy and sad scenes was a good one
towards the end not everything worked for me
some new developments felt a bit too constructed
but I liked the epilogue
I'm interested in reading more by the author
wouldn't say no to more books set in the world of "The Baller"


  1. That cover is drool-worthy. And always good when you want to read another book set in that world, too.

    1. I hope that maybe the author will change her mind and write some more books in the world, there is at least one more story I would love to read.

      Happy Reading!




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