08 December 2015

Read / Good books: A little bit of everything

I got a lot of reading done in the last days and weeks (more like weeks because this post was written about two weeks ago). Cold, grey and wet weather has finally arrived here in Germany, sitting down and reading a good book is perfect to fight against the winter blues, so that's what I have been doing a lot lately.

The first mini reading pile you can see above was a rather good one, not perfect, but still good. 

Hope Flames - Jack Burton
This first book in a contemporary romance series started out strong, it was easy for me to connect with the characters and I enjoyed their developing romance. Towards the end of the story some new developments didn't work for me and I lost some interest in the romance, still this was a good book for me and a good start into the series. 

Hope Burns - Jaci Burton
This is book #3 in the same series and not as good as I expected it to be. I couldn't believe in this second chance romance, I couldn't feel the love and I also had some issues with the hero. I'm not sure if going on with the series makes sense, right now I'm leaning towards no. 

First time in forever - Sarah Morgan
This is a cute romance with some drama set in a lovely community. I liked reading about the characters just as much as I did about all the people who live on Puffin Island. I liked the cozy feeling of the setting and when I finished the book I had a big smile on my face. 

I got books #2 and #3 in this romance series as ebooks and already read #2, unfortunately it didn't work for me that well. It's a second chance romance I couldn't believe into (another one!), I didn't want the two main characters to get back together and didn't like the hero that much. Let's see if #3 will work for me better. 

Atlantis - Ally Condie
This book wasn't the best dystopian YA novel I have read, there are some flaws in the world building and character development, and still in the end I enjoyed reading "Atlantia". I cared about the main characters and what happened to them. I thought that the idea with the underwater world was quiet interesting and enjoyed how the world was described. 

Out of the four books on the picture above only one worked for me, one was ok, one frustrated me and one I even hated which is rare for me. 

After - Anna Todd
There was way too much drama for my taste, the constant discussions in the relationship got on my nerves quickly and the male main character was too much of an asshole. If you like your NA books with a lot of drama, then this book might be perfect for you. I will stay away from the rest of the series because otherwise I will go crazy.

One sweet ride - Jack Burton
Some of the books in the Play by Play series have been great for me, unfortunately "One sweet ride" was not one of these. I wasn't that interested in the two main characters and didn't feel emotionally involved when reading about their developing romance, I just didn't care enough about them as a couple. 

Straddling the Line - Jaci Burton
This book in the Play by Play series was a good one for me. From the get go I was interested in the romance, I liked reading about the main characters and cared about what happened to them.
There were some moments in the story that seemed a bit weird to me, for example two in which the heroine should have known something she didn't, but overall I had a good time reading this romance and I plan to go on with the series. By now I know that not all of the characters will be perfect for me, that I will not like each and every romance and I'm ok with it.

Btw, I also read two short stories that are part of the series and they were ok for me, but not as good as some of the full-length novels have been. 

Re Jane - Patricia Park
This book is described as a modern retelling of Jane Eyre and I strongly disagree with this. None of the depth, the rich atmosphere, the complex characters, the wonderful emotions and dramatic love story from the original made their way into "Re Jane", there are some plot similarities, but that's it. 

I honestly hated pretty much everything about the book and to explain this strong emotion I will need to talk about some spoilers. Jane was a pretty flat, superficial and judgmental character. I hated the cheating, Jane began an affair with the husband of the family she worked as a nanny for and their first time happened in the wife's office, need I say more? Everything about this was so wrong. To make things worse I couldn't believe for one second in the love between Jane and the husband, who was btw a boring asshole. 

After the affair ended things got a bit better, but not good enough to change my opinion on the book. To make things worse the writing style was one that couldn't manage to engage my emotions and I didn't care at all about what happened with Jane. 

I was so relieved once I finished the book and I need to get rid of it as soon as possible, I want it out of my life! So sorry dear book, but I hate you. 

The last mini reading pile was one I was very excited about, I expected all of the book to work for me perfectly, but unfortunately only one did. 

Manners & Mutiny - Gail Carriger
This is the last book in a steampunk YA series and it's a book I enjoyed a lot. The first 40 pages were a bit slow and I struggled a bit with reconnecting to the characters, but after page 40 I once again felt as if I was part of the world Gail Carriger created and had a great time.

The ending of the book gives the whole series a good, satisfying finish. I'm happy that Gail Carriger ended the series with book four, looking back it felt as if it was just the right time to say goodbye to Sophronia and the other characters. Maybe a long epilogue would have been nice (I love epilogues), but even without one I had a great time with the book and hope that there will be more YA adventures by Gail Carriger in the future. 

The Accident Season - Moira Fowley-Doyle
Going into this book I expected a light-hearted, funny and sweet YA book, but I got it completely wrong. The book is more serious that I thought it would be, it's not very light-hearted, funny and sweet moments are rare. Instead it's a book that has a touch of paranormal and deals with topics like family secrets, abuse in several forms and a little bit of romance. 

I wasn't that happy with how the serious topics were handled, plus I honestly wasn't in the mood for a serious book, so in the end "The Accident Season" was an ok book for me that unfortunately didn't get my emotions involved. 

Better than perfect - Melissa Kantor
This YA contemporary sounded so good, it's about big changes in the life of a student in her last year of high school, it's about her thinking about her plans for life and if they really are what she wants, it's about her finding her own voice and going her way. All of this appealed to me, but unfortunately I struggled with the characters in this novel, I didn't really like any of them and especially Juliet, the main character, was one I couldn't connect to.

There are some emotional developments in the story, some made me feel something, others didn't. The romance, what was there of it, wasn't one I enjoyed and surprisingly the open ending was one of my favourite parts of the story, overall this was an ok book for me. 

Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater
This third book in the Raven Boys quartet is one I started and then stopped reading after half of the book. I realized, that I need to reread the first two books in the series because otherwise I will not be able to understand everything that is going on, so I plan to do this once the fourth and last book in the series will be out.

What I read of the book so far was at times good, special and fascinating, at time things seemed a bit forced, not all new developments worked for me and sometimes I felt lost while reading the story. I hope that this will change once I have reread the first two books in the series, but I'm not completely sure about it. I love all the special ideas Maggie Stiefvater has for her books, but I'm statring to wonder if in the long run her stories work for me or if I get lost in them. 

I also read an ebook I really enjoyed, it's 

Chaser - Staci Hart
The book is the second one in a contemporary romance trilogy (I think) and it's a book that was a nice surprise for me and overall a great love story. At first I wasn't that sure about the novel because of the main characters, I already met them in the first book of the series and couldn't see them as main characters in a romance. But Staci Hart managed to change my opinion completely and she only needed a few pages to do so. Right from the beginning of "Chaser" I loved the dynamic in the romance, I enjoyed reading about the characters a lot, I loved that the love story was at times quickly developing forwards, but then also took a big step back later in the book.

Once I finished the story I had a big smile on my face and I was one very happy reader. I'm already excited to read the next book in the series once it's out and hope that there will be more than one book.

Happy Reading


  1. I've read some books by Jack Burton and liked it :)

    1. She is one of the romance authors that still works for me, not all of her books are perfect but many are great.

      Happy Reading!




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