19 November 2015


The book pile above is the one I'm reading my way through right now. Part of it are some new books I just got last week and also some book I bought a few weeks ago. Some nice adult romances, some YA books, a touch of YA Urban Fantasy and a touch of mystery, it's a very nice mix.

I already read one of the books by Jaci Burton and I enjoyed it, now I'm reading the books by Sarah Morgan and Gail Carriger, so far both books are great.

Happy Reading!


  1. Hi there,

    I just saw your video about Re-Jane and I had to laugh....
    I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the book but the way you explained your disgust of it (a lot of no's) made it so cute to see and listen :-)
    Sometimes a book really can get on your nerves, I can really understand your feeling about it !
    It's outstanding that you can find the courage to read on a book you don't like. When I am not feeling 'it' when reading or when a book annoyes me, I quit. I feel guilty about it for a while but I will do anything to avoid a reading slump.
    I just coped with one, after reading 'me before you' by Jojo Moyes. A really great book and no other could stand next to it, in my opinion.
    Fortunately I have found a new one that brings me a lot of relaxing moments because reading is my life and I can't cope with a reading slump.

    I really hope your new pile will bring you a lot of more joy than re-Jane did !

    Happy reading !
    Yenneke/eenv/ real name is Veerle

    1. I normally have no issues with not finishing books, but with "Jane Re" I felt the need to read it until the end to see if it got any better, but for me it unfortunately didn't. It pains me when I feel so negatively about a story, but sometimes that's part of being a reader and I can live with it. I'm just happy that I now can get rid of the book.

      Jojo Moyes' books have been on my radar lately, I want to read a book by her soon because everyone seems to love her stories.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Ooh you really need to read Me before you if you haven't.
    It had humor but it also deals with realistic problems and the emotions...oh my.
    I normaly read psychological thrillers, but sometimes I explore the bookish horizon and read something totaly else. Jojo was one of those horizon-books. I wille definitely read more by her !

    And you are right, not every book works for every reader (but I get annoyed or uncertain when the whole world seams to like a book and I don't...)




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