18 November 2015

New books: it doesn't get any better

Ok, the thing with the regular updates is working ... not. I still don't have that much free time when I'm home, some little thing always needs to be done. And I'm honestly still not in a good writing mood, sitting down to write posts on books brings me no joy right now. But I will at least try to be more regular with short, really short, updates. Check out my youtube channel for longer and regular updates, talking about books brings me right now more joy than writing about them: About Happy Books.

My latest book haul is one I'm super excited about, because some of my most anticipated books of 2015 arrived in November. I also bought some books from my wish list, my wish list is getting more and more manageable and I'm very happy about it.

On the pile above you can see my preorders and don't they look pretty? I don't play to rush through these books, I want to savour them, especially because some of them are the last book in series I loved in the last years. 

On this pile are some books from my wish list, plus Magnolia which I already listened to and I just needed to have the book for my shelves, because I loved it.

Happy Reading!

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