25 October 2015

Update: Sometimes life happens

The last weeks have been a bit crazy for me, in my private life there is a never ending list of small and big things I have to do (due to a serious accident my mom recently had, but don't worry, everything will be ok in a few months) and my mind is all over the place. I still managed to read a lot of books lately thanks to being on the train for up to three hours a day to and back from work. I love this time, it's right now the only time when I can sit back and relax.

Things will continue to stay hectic for at least another two months, right now I'm not sure when my mind will be calm enough to sit down regularly to write new posts. I tried writing some new posts earlier this week, it just didn't work. I plan to publish some posts I have already started weeks ago, but then I'm not sure. Maybe I will do some short posts that concentrate on pictures. Talking to a camera on the books I read, my new books and so on is right now more relaxing for me than book blogging. So if you want updates on the books that I read and bought in the last weeks, then please check out my channel on youtube (About Happy Books), there I have been somewhat consistent with updates. 

In the last weeks books have been my super heroes, whenever things get too crazy and hectic, a book is there to relax me. My love for books couldn't be bigger and I'm very thankful for all the authors out there for writing the books that bring me joy. 

Now let's talk at least for a short moment about some of the books I recently read and bought. On the picture on the top of this post you can all of the print books that I read, bought and plan to read from the last weeks to now.

Here's a closer look at my new print books:

In the next picture you can see two absolutely fantastic books I read in the last weeks, both "Murder of Crows" by Anne Bishop and "When" by Victoria Laurie belong to my favourite books of the year and just thinking about them makes me so happy.

Two more print books I enjoyed in the last weeks are "Prudence" by Gail Carrier and "Spider's Trap" by Jennifer Estep.

Of course I also read some ok books, some that didn't work for me and even one that made me so mad. But all in all when thinking about the last months I can only see the good and great books.

I hope that your last weeks have been full of beautiful moments and good books.
Happy Reading!

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