25 October 2015

Seven years of About Happy Books

On the the eighth of September 2008 the first post on this blog was published, so a few weeks ago About Happy Books had its 7th blog birthday and yes, I totally missed it.
In the last seven years I read a lot of books, discovered great authors and travelled the whole world, one book at a time. And most of this was documented on About Happy Books. 

I still love reading as much as I did seven years ago, for that I'm thankful. I'm still getting excited about discovering new books, about rereading old favorites, about talking with other readers about good books. But I have to say that my focus is now more on reading books and less on talking or writing about them. I'm not sure how this might change in the future, so I can't promise any specific things for the future of this blog. 

In the last seven years I learned that it's important to be honest about books, honest to yourself and honest to the readers of your blog. That's maybe the one tip I want share with others, honesty rules.  Btw, don't confuse honesty with cruelty. Also don't forget that reading and book blogging are supposed to be enjoyable activities, do what feels right to you, read what you are interested in, surround yourself with books and readers that make you happy. Book blogging can be a wonderful hobby, you don't need to try to turn it into a business.

In the last seven years I saw a lot of book blogs come and go, some bloggers stayed true to who they were in the beginning, others changed as soon as ARCs and money entered the scene. I learned to surround myself with bloggers and readers who have the same values as I do, who are in it because they honestly love to read.

Through trial and error I learned which blogging style works best for me, I learned to be more relaxed about reviews, to concentrate on the book I'm reading and forget reviewing while doing so. I have found a way to blog that allows me to stay relaxed and to enjoy the time I spend on the blog. 

At the beginning of About Happy books the blog url was norarobertsismyqueen, I'm curious if some of you still remember this time. Even though I later changed the url, the old one is still true and this makes me very happy.

Books always have been and always will be one of the most important parts of my life. And I know that it's the same for most of you as well. I want to thank every reader of About Happy Books for being part of my journey, thanks for the countless book recommendations and kind words, I appreciate all of it and hope that our journey will continue for a long time.

Happy Reading!


  1. I've and still read a tons of book blogs even though I don't have a book blog but that is pretty much the only way I get book recommendations, so thanks for being one of them.

    happy blog anniversary!

  2. Happy blogoversary Julchen! I don't know how long I have been following you, but at least we both love Nora Roberts books :)




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