07 September 2015

Wild Heat, No more confessions and Aristotle and Dante discover ...

Another post with short reviews on books I recently read, this time on books that didn't work for me that well.

Wild Heat - Lucy Monroe
This is the first book in Monroe's latest contemporary romance series, normally I enjoy these kind of books by her a lot, but this time I had some issues. I liked the setting in Alaska, but couldn't connect with the main characters. I didn't like the male main character that much and saw no real chemistry between the two main characters, so the romance part of the book couldn't convince me. Plus the dialogues seemed a bit stiff. 

I don't think that I will go on with the series, but I will definitely check out other books by Lucy Monroe in the future. 

No more confessions - Louise Rozett
I love the first two books in this series, unfortunately #3 was a bit of a disappointment for me. Books #1 and #2 are full of fascinating, complex characters and a ton of raw emotions. Book #3 feels like a step back, there is imo too much unnecessary drama added and the characters have changed in ways I couldn't understand. The ending of the book was surprisingly the only thing that worked for me (at least more than the rest).

Overall I'm sad that "No more confessions" doesn't contain the greatness I discovered in the other two books of the series. Still I hope that the plans for a fourth book will come true, the characters deserve it and I want some more closure. 

This book has won a lot of important awards and many readers adore it, for me it was just ok. I had some issues with both the main characters, at times I was bored by them, I honestly thought that their parents were more interesting. I never forgot that the characters were just that, I never saw them as real people.

Towards the end of the story my emotions finally started to get involved in what was going on, but for me it was too little and too late. The book is set a few years in the past and this is something that was too easy to forget, they were only two scenes in which I was aware of the fact that we were in the 1908's and not in the now, Saenz didn't manage to transport me back in time, to make me feel as if this story was really set a few years in the past.

I know that many other readers love this book and many more will do so in the future, for me many things weren't as convincing as I wanted them to be, so this book was a just ok book for me. 

Happy Reading!

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  1. "Aristotle and Dante..." stand auch eine Zeit lang auf meiner Wunschliste, aber nach einer Leseprobe und ein wenig Bedenkzeit habe ich eigentlich gar nicht mehr so Lust auf das Buch. Und wenn du sagst, dass das Buch eben auch nur okay ist, kann ich es mir, glaube ich, auch sparen.
    "Wunder" war ja auch so ein Buch, das alle mega toll fanden - für mich war das aber auch nur okay.




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