11 September 2015

Read: Blitzing Emily, All the bright places and Love and Chaos

Today I'm going to talk about three books I recently read, three books that range from ok to didn't like it at all. 

Blitzing Emily - Julie Brannagh 
This was a nice contemporary sports romance, but unfortunately nothing more. As soon as I finished the book my interest in the story was gone and it was very easy for me to forget the characters and their romance. The romance was at times a nice one, other times I was a bit bored by it and I was annoyed by the unnecessary drama at the ending. 

I don't think that I will be going on with this adult series, but if you are a fan of these kind of romances, then maybe it's something for you. 

All the bright places - Jennifer Niven
There was so much potential in the story, but unfortunately not all of it was used. While reading I never forgot that the characters were just characters, I never felt close to them and the ending didn't work for me at all. The thoughts and actions of the male main character always stayed a mystery for me, plus his mother annoyed me so much. 

The serious topics in the story, mental illness and grief for example, should have made me be emotionally involved, but I didn't feel a lot when reading the book. This could have been an amazing story, unfortunately it was in the end just an ok one. 

Love and Chaos - Gemma Burgess
This New Adult novel was one I didn't enjoy at all. The way the main character acted made me so angry, she was way too careless with her own health, her friends and her safety, to name only a few things. I'm able to deal with some crazy stuff when reading NA, but too much is too much. 

In the past the books by Burgess were a bit hit or miss for me, after this one I decided to stop reading her novels, her kind of NA is one that doesn't appeal to me any longer and I don't want to be frustrated because of reading a story.

Happy Reading!

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