01 September 2015

Everblaze, The Queen of the Tearling, Him and Let the storm break

Today I want to talk about four good books I read in the last weeks, four books that made me one very happy reader. 

Everblaze - Shannon Messenger
To make it short: I love this book and the whole series. This middle grade fantasy world that Shannon Messenger created is one of the best and most fascinating one I met in books over the last years. A world full of elves, other special beings with abilities humans can only dream of. 

A world full of secrets groups, intrigues, power plays, great friendships, lovely families, evil guys and more. A set of characters, young and older, you just have to love. The next book in the series (I'm not sure how many are planned) will be out in November and you can bet that I'm super excited to get and read it. 

This wasn't the easiest book to read, the story and especially the world building are at times pretty dense, and still I enjoyed reading the book and I'm fascinated by the world Johansen created. I think this might be a book that will get even better after I read it a second time. 

So much is going on in this first book of the trilogy, so many interesting characters, a future world that is regressing and seems to be more medieval than modern. Special abilities, cruel developments, power plays, secrets and so much more. It's hard to describe what makes this world so special, you have to read the story to make up your own mind if the world of Tearling is one that agrees with you. 

Yes, I plan to go on with the series, book #2 is already out, but I have decided to wait until the final book in the series will be out because I want to read #2 and #3 directly after each other. 

Him - Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy
This is a M/M contemporary sports romance that many readers adore, I enjoyed it, but didn't love it. The book is told in alternating POVs, both authors did a good job with giving each main characters his own voice.

It was easy for me to read the book, my emotions got involved and I liked the main characters. But something was missing to make this more than a good book for me. I'm not sure what exactly was missing, however I can say that I would still read more by this author duo. 

Let the storm break - Shannon Messenger
Another book by Shannon Messenger, this time a young adult fantasy book. This is the second book in the YA series Messenger is writing and "Let the storm break" is a good solid book. The story and character development are both satisfying, the ending of the story makes you excited and a bit scared about what will happen next and I plan to read the final book in the series. Overall this was a good, but not great book for me. 

When I compare this series to the Keeper of the lost cities one (see Everblaze above), I prefer KOTLC, it's set in a world that imo is more fascinating and multilayered compared to the YA series by Messenger. Still I like both series and I'm very happy that I discovered her books about two (?) years ago. 

Happy Reading!

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