01 August 2015

Reading - when you can't concentrate on details

Right now there's a lot going on in my life, I have a lot of things on my mind, some are exciting and great, others not so much. That's why it's hard for me to concentrate on certain types of books right now. And that's why it's taking me forever to read "The Book of Life" by Deborah Harkness and "Mind Change" by Susan Greenfield

I made some progress with "The Book of Life" and yes, I already read the ending, but I still need to read a good 200 pages from the middle of the book. Harkness is an author who describes everything in great detail, in her book there's so much going on and I need a calm mind to absorb and digest everything that is happening. I plan to finish the book next week, wish me luck that this will really happen. The same goes for "Mind Change", I don't want to miss anything with this book, so I'm taking my time with reading it. 

Because I'm right now drawn to easy to read and enjoy novels, I picked two contemporary adult romances from my TBR pile. "Thrown by a curve" by Jaci Burton and "Beautiful Secret" by Christina Lauren are exactly what my brain needs right now. Both are good, solid romances and calm my mind, both are easy to read, offer me likable characters and give me a good time. 

I'm also reading another contemporary romance I downloaded a few days ago, it's "Consumed" by Skyla Madi. So far the story ist fast-paced and sexy, exactly what I wanted. 

And then I'm kind of reading my two baking books by Dorie Greenspan. I'm making lists of what I want to bake in the next weeks and months, the lists are of course enormous. :) I love baking and trying out new recipes, this is another thing that manages to calm my mind and to let me forget negative stuff. 

Hope that you are reading some great books right now!
Happy Reading!

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