04 August 2015

Reading (audiobooks): Dear narrator, I don't like you ...

Listening to audiobooks is always a bit of a gamble for me, not every narrator is one I like to listen to, and sometimes the narrator is even the reason why I stop listening to an audiobook even though I enjoy the story. It happened with "The Bone Season" last year, the story was interesting, but the narrator nearly put me to sleep. In the end I stopped listening to the story after three hours, bought the book in print and in the end really enjoyed it. 

And maybe the same will happen with "The Queen of Tearling". A few days ago I decided to stop listening to the story after nearly six hours because the narrator didn't make me excited for more, but the story itself was interesting, so I ordered a paperback version of the book and will read it as soon as I get it. 

I also realized that I prefer audiobooks that are under 10 hours, everything that is longer tends to bore me a bit, so I will keep that in mind for the future. 

After stopping with "The Queen of a Tearling" I started with listening to "An Amber in the Ashes" and already finished the book, it was ok for me, the world building and characters were not as exciting for me as for other readers, so no, I wasn't blown away by the story. I don't think that I will read the second book in the series (trilogy/duology?) in the future.

Now I'm listening to "Magonia", so far I'm only a few minutes in the story so I can't say anything about it yet. But the plot sounds exciting and I can't wait to go on.
And then I plan to listen to "Emmy & Oliver", "The girl on the train", "Hero" and "A court of thrones and roses", so don't worry about my book supply, there is more than enough for me to enjoy.

Have you stopped listening to an audiobook because you didn't like the narrator?


  1. My first audio book was the Girl on the Train, which I really enjoyed. I'm currently listening to 'Sleep tight'. So far no dodgy narrartors, and it would put me off if I did come across one who bored me to sleep!

    1. I'm excited to listen to "Girl on a train", I think it might be great as an audio book, especially with the mystery.

      Happy Reading!




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