24 August 2015

Read: The Three, The fill-in boyfriend, Hero & The Chocolate Touch

The Three - Sarah Lotz
This is not my usual kind of book but it sounded exciting and special, so I got it. It turned out that the synopsis sounded more exciting than the book really was. The tempo of the book was pretty slow, the book in a book thing was ok, but not great enough to make up for the slow pace. 

The story itself was in the end a bit weird, not all developments worked for me or made sense to me. All in all the book couldn't grab my interest once I started with the story, I always felt as if there was aa obstacle between the book and I. I started skipping pages after about 100 pages and was honestly relieved, when I finally read the last page. This was unfortunately not a good book for me. 

The fill-in boyfriend - Kasie West
This was a cute and mostly light-hearted story, unfortunately the story seemed to be rushed and the characters stayed a bit flat. When I was finished with the story I still didn't know the characters as deeply as I wanted to and I couldn't believe in the love story as much as I wanted to. The ending was ok, but also nothing that made my heart jump for joy.

I plan to read more books by Kasie West in the future because I loved "The distance between us" by her, unfortunately "The fill-in boyfriend" was not as good. 

Hero - Samantha Young
I listened to this story in audio book format and loved the first three hours of the story, at that time I was sure that this was going to be a fantastic contemporary romance. But then the story began to drag on, there was no real development in the relationship, the main characters behaviour began to annoy me. 

At the ending of the story a suspense element was added that didn't work for me at all, both the why and who did what was done didn't make that much sense to me. Another thing that bothered me is that some of the side characters stayed very flat throughout the story. 

In the end this turned out to be an ok book, even though the beginning promised a fantastic one. 

The Chocolate Touch - Laura Florand
This was the second book by Florand I read, it's the second book I somewhat liked, but also had some issues with. At times I liked reading about the characters, others times they frustrated me, Florand tends to create pretty complex characters that sometimes seem to be a bit too constructed for my taste. And something in her writing style makes it hard for me to get into a good reading flow. 

After reading two of Florand's books I have to say that while I like her books in a way, I don't like them enough to read a third one. 

Happy Reading!

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