05 August 2015

Read: Ignite me, Beautiful Secret, Thrown by a curve and Consumed

Today I want to talk about four books I recently read that don't belong to my good books, three books nearly made it into the good book category, one was a big disappointment. And let's start with this book right away.

This is the last book in the Shatter Me series, I enjoyed the first book, loved the second one and had such high hopes for the final book, but I was disappointment pretty much from the first pages on of "Ignite me". 
Instead of an epic finale we get a complicated relationship situation that at this point didn't make any sense to me, we get revelations I couldn't believe in, the role of one character was changed in ways that didn't work for me. And the aftereffects of the love triangle haunted way too many pages of this book. I wanted a greater concentration on the world building, real character development, an epic battle to get rid of the bad guys, but I unfortunately couldn't find anything like that in "Ignite me". 

So looking back at the trilogy the highlight was definitely book #2, book #1 was also good, book #3 something that makes me sad, all the potential to create something fantastic was there, not a lot of it was used.

Will I still check out future books by Mafi? I might. 

And then there are three contemporary adult romances I read and enjoyed, but still all three books didn't make it into the good books category, let me tell you why. 

"Beautiful Secret" by Christina Lauren and "Thrown by a Curve" by Jaci Burton both are nice, sexy romances. You get a set of likable characters, some sweet scenes, some funny and some hot ones, so far, so good. With both books I enjoyed the first half more than the second one, with both books books the conflicts that were presented towards the end of the stories and that separated the couples for some time didn't work for me. In "Thrown by the curve" the conflict between Alicia and Garrett didn't make any sense to me and came out of the blue, without the conflict this would have been a good book. 
In "Beautiful Secret" the conflict between Ruby and Niall did make more sense, but was allowed to become way too big, why not just talk about things before you separate for weeks? Is this really so hard?

Despite these issues I still enjoyed both romances and I will definitely go on with the series/books by the authors. 

And then there was "Consumed" by Skyla Madi, this was another nice romance with a good beginning, towards the end I however lost some interest in the characters and the love story. Everything was enjoyable, but not that exciting. 
The book is the first in a trilogy and even though I enjoyed the romance, I don't plan to go on with the series, I actually thought that the ending of "Consumed" is a good one and I fear that reading more about the couple might not be perfect for me. 

Happy Reading!

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