16 August 2015

Read: Daylighters, The infinite sea, Biggest flirts & The Queen of zombie hearts

It's time for a post full of short reviews on books I read and didn't love. Btw, I always try to link to the books on the authors' websites, and sometimes I'm astonished by how hard it can be to find some info on the books there. Come on authors, it can't be that hard to run a website, keep your website up to date, to make it easy to navigate and to provide a synopsis for your latest book. Thanks to Jennifer Echols for making my life as a book blogger easy, finding the synopsis to one of her books was very easy.

Daylighters - Rachel Caine
Years ago I read the first four (I think) books in the series, I loved the first one and had issues with the other ones, so I stopped reading the series. Now I wanted to find out how everything ends even though I didn't read the books that came after #4. 
On the one hand it was nice to read how everything was wrapped up, to see that the characters I loved in Glass Houses got a good ending, on the other hand everything in "Daylighters" seemed a bit lackluster.

I think that maybe shorter series by Rachel Caine (trilogies) or stand-alone novels by the author might work better for me, so I will give at least one more book by her a chance, maybe "Ink and Bone"

Queen of zombie hearts - Gena Showalter
This third book in the White Rabbit Chronicles was a mixed experience for me. I liked the beginning, even though I wasn't completely fascinated by what was going on. But the more I read of the book, the more I started to have issues with some new developments. I also missed some solid character development. 

The ending of the book is one that didn't work for me at all, some developments seemed overly hasty, I was annoyed that all of a sudden everyone seemed to be a traitor and that dramatic developments didn't seem to fit to the rest of the story. 

There will be a book #4 in the series, however I don't plan to read it. In the past I already read some adult books by the author and after three books lost the interest in the stories, I guess in the long run Showalter's books are not for me. 

The Infinite Sea - Rick Yancey
I enjoyed the first book in the series even though it wasn't perfect for me, but still it was good enough to make me interested in the next book in the series. However as soon as I read a few pages of "The Infinite Sea" I realized that I wasn't interested in what was going on, not at all. I was bored by the characters and what was going on, plus some new developments didn't work for me. 

In the end I decided to stop reading the book after page 150, I then jumped to the end, read it and was done with the book. And no, of course I don't plan to read book #3 in the series. 

Deviant - Jaimie Roberts
I knew that reading this book would be a bit of a gamble, the synopsis already told me that there was a big possibility that I would have issues with the story and especially the male main character. But I still wanted to give the book a try, so I did. 

Way too many things in the story didn't work for me, you know that I want to like the main characters I'm reading about, this was impossible with the male one in this book, he's just too much of an asshole. And some major things just didn't make any sense to me, I don't know how they should have worked the way they did in the book. So this was not a good book for me. 

Biggest Flirts - Jennifer Echols
Some books by Echols, both more serious and light-hearted ones, belong to my favourite YA contemporary books. However the books that came after "Going too far" didn't work for me any longer. I read my last book by Echols over a year ago and decided that it's time to give her another try. So I read "Biggest Flirts", the first book in a contemporary YA trilogy. 

The story is light-hearted and entertaining, but also rushed and lackluster. I never forget that the characters are just characters, I never had the feeling that I learned who they really are. The book was an easy read and also very easy to forget. I don't plan to go on with the series but still plan to give another book by Echols a chance, not right now, maybe in a year or so. 

Happy Reading!

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