02 August 2015

New books

Can you hear a loud noise right now? It's my TBR moaning about more books. :) But hey, all of my TBR pile books still fit on this shelf so all is good. 

This time I have a nice mix of books from my wishlist, a preorder and one book I bought spontaneously. The books range from non-fiction to adventurous YA, some romances and a bit of UF and Steampunk are also included, so a very nice mix. 

print books
Spider's Trap - Jennifer Estep
Babycakes - Donna Kaufffman
Waistcoats & Weaponry - Gail Carriger
Cooked - Michael Pollan
When - Victoria Laurie
Rook - Sharon Cameron
Biggest Flirts - Jennifer Echols

Consumed - Skyla Madi
Chaos - Jamie Shaw

Happy Reading!

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