21 August 2015

Good books: Theodora, A Cold Legacy, When it's right & The double life of incorporate things

Four of the books I read in the last two weeks are good books, at least for me. Three of the book are the last books in series, one is the second one. The books are a mix of adult, YA and middle grade, they range from contemporary romances to fantasy.

A cold legacy - Megan Shepherd
This is the last book in the "A Madman's Daughter" series and it gives the whole story a good, solid ending. The book is just as the other two in the series sometimes a bit weird and messed up, both things I really enjoyed. Once again it was easy to me to get lost in the dangerous, yet also beautiful world Shepherd created and I was happy with the ending, even though one development made me cry. 

Shepherd's way to create characters and worlds may not work for everyone, but they work for me. That's why I already bought "The Cage", her new book. A book that has nothing to do with the world of "A cold legacy", a book that sounds fascinating. 

Another last book in a trilogy, this time in a historical one with occult topics and a gothic feeling to the story. And once again a good, solid ending to the series. 

At first it was a bit hard for me to reconnect with the characters and the world of the book in general, but once I was in the story it was a joy to read. The world Hieber created is wonderful and mysterious, her characters fascinate me and when reading I always was excited to learn more about them. 

I definitely plan to read more by Hieber in the future, her books are beautifully written and full of an amazing atmosphere, so of course I want more of it. Her books are not easy books to read on the go, you need some time and a calm mind to take in what is going on, that's why the books are a nice change to the other books I like. 

Reading this book was a bit of a bittersweet experience for me, I enjoyed the story but was sad that the series didn't get a good, solid ending that answered all of the important questions.

Following Theodora around was once again very entertaining, I have loved going with her on adventures, fighting evil orders and solving curses. So it's sad for me that the series didn't get a good ending, an ending that didn't leave readers with a ton of questions, an ending that clearly wasn't supposed to be the ending. I honestly hate it when something like this is done to us readers, I think we deserve more. 

When it's right - Jennifer Ryan
This second book in the Montana Men contemporary romance series was just what I was in the mood for. The story is mostly light-hearted, but a bit darker towards the beginning and ending. The conflicts between the couple are kept minimal, it's more about coming to terms with what happened in the past and learning to trust yourself and others again.

The writing style was engaging and made me excited for more books by Jennifer Ryan, as did the likable characters and the very nice love story.

I already ordered the first book in this trilogy and plan to get #3 as soon as its out in a few days. I'm also looking at other romances Ryan has written in the past, I'm sure that I will give some of them a try.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Yay! Let's hear it for Shepherd being consistent in her weird story line! I look forward to reading the last in the series myself.




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