07 August 2015

Good books: Kin, Fairest, The Book of Life and Chaos

Four of the books I read in the last two weeks belong to my good books, the books made me excited for me and I enjoyed them a lot. The books are a nice mix of adult, YA and New Adult, paranormal/special powers play an important role in three of them and let's also throw some Rock Stars into the mix, because that's something I always enjoy.

Kin - Lily St. Crow
This final book in the A Tale of Beauty and Madness trilogy fits very well to books #1 and #2. Once again everything was a bit weird and crazy, the focus was on the world and the characters, a romance was there, but it wasn't what everything was about. The ending of "Kin" was a good one, however I would have loved to see an epilogue with some more info on the future of all of the main characters I met in this trilogy. But still it was a satisfying and fitting end, an end I liked. 

The weirdness of the novels by Lily St. Crow appealed to me from the get go, in this trilogyI could always believe in the characters and the world the author created, this cruel and yet beautiful place where everything is possible. But I also know that some readers might have a hard time to enjoy this series, it definitely is not something for every reader.

I plan to read more books by the author in the future, some of her adult novels are already on my wish list. I want more of her kind of craziness. 

"Fairest" is the book between Cress and Winter, it's about the evil Queen Levana and it explains how she became who she is now, how Cinder was wounded and some other things. It's just as will written as the other books in the series, however I always have a hard time reading about a character I don't like, and no, of course I don't like Levana. Still it's nice to have some background information, to maybe understand how things could develop the way they did. 

I think overall this is a good book, as a fan of The Lunar Chronicles it is a book you can, but don't need to read, it's nice to have some extra info on Levana, but you can also go on with the series without it. If you are new to the series then please don't start with this book, start with "Cinder". 

"Winter", the last book in the series, is only a few months away and I can't wait to read the book, it's one of my most anticipated books in 2015 and I'm sure that it will be brilliant. 

I finally did it! I finished "The Book of Life" and I'm damn happy about it. The book is in my opinion a very good ending to this paranormal adult trilogy, if you enjoyed books #1 and #2, then you should also love #3. 

As usual with books by Deborah Harkness everything is described in detail, you have a ton of characters, power plays and intrigues also play an important role. Diana's magical abilities get at times a bit freaky in "The Book of Life" and I actually enjoyed this a lot. 

The ending is good and solid, you know as a reader that the future won't be always easy for the characters, but you are sure that they will manage whatever happens and be happy. 

This is definitely a book you can't read on the go, you need a calm mind, a lot of time and no stress to really get lost in the world Harkness createed, to become part of it. If you can manage this, then the book is a joy to read. 

I'm pretty excited to see what Deborah Harkness will publish next, she is one of the others that also might be great at writing big, fat stand-alone novels, I'm also excited to see if she will create a new world for her next book(s) and if paranormal beings once again will play an important role. 

This is the third book in a NA quartet on a band, I enjoyed books #1 and #2 even though I had some issues with things like alcohol consumption (I mourn for all of the poor livers!), and the same goes for "Chaos". Jamie Shaw's writing style makes it easy for me to connect with her characters, to believe in them, to feel what they feel. I had a very good time when reading the book, I was happy when the happy ending was there even though the conflict between Kit and Shawn was maybe not the best I've ever read about in a romance. 

If you like Rock Star new adult romances with some drama and can overlook certain things, then this series might be great for you. I'm very excited for the next and last book in the series, if anyone deserves a great love story, then it's Mike!

Happy Reading!

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