10 July 2015

Read: Station Eleven, Sublime, A High-End Finish and Stolen Songbird

Four of the print books I read in the last weeks were not perfect for me, some left me cold, others nearly made the cut to being a good book.

A world after a flu nearly killed everyone, a world I often couldn't believe in. Different story lines that cross paths from time to time, none was that interesting to me. Characters that did their best at surviving and building something new, characters I couldn't imagine to be real. 

So no, Station Eleven was not a good book for me, many readers love the story, I wasn't touched by it. I often have issues with novels that critics applaud, so I'm not that surprised that Station Eleven wasn't a hit for me, but at least I gave it a try. 

This is one weird YA book, at times the weirdness was fascinating, other times very frustrating. After finishing the book I have no idea what the hell was really going on, what the ending is trying to tell me and what to feel about the characters. So many open questions aren't what I want from my reading experiences. The characters were interesting, but at the same time a bit too flat. The romance was one I couldn't believe in. 

So far I definitely prefer the light-heartened adult romances by the author duo, their YA books don't seem to be perfect for me. 

This was a nearly good cozy mystery, but towards the ending things got a bit boring to me. The characters were very likable, the sleuthing was not the most exciting one. There is potential in the series, definitely. But I'm not sure if the parts in the series on old houses and their restoration will be perfect for me. 

I plan to go on with the series and give at least two more books a chance, but I will wait with doing so for some months. 

This book should have been perfect for me. The story includes a fascinating world and interesting characters. But unfortunately I didn't feel anything when reading the book, nothing managed to touch me deeply, my emotions weren't involved when reading the story. And yes, this makes me sad because I wanted to love the book, but sometimes the reader/story chemistry is just not there and you can't force it to appear. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Station Eleven was also unfortunately not for me, even though so many people loved it.

    1. Same here, nothing in the story really appealed to me, but hey, you can't love every book.

      Happy Reading!




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