11 July 2015

Read (ebooks): Savor, Trusting Liam, Lost & Found, Finders Keepers

Surprise, I have some more short reviews on romance ebooks I read to share with you. I read all four ebooks this week and all four were a bit disappointing for me. But hey, I tried out books by new to me authors and now know that their books are not for me, so I'm still happy that I gave the books a chance. 

Savor is an interesting romance, but I had some issues with the writing style. It was hard for me to connect with the characters, to believe in their emotions, to be interested in what was going on. In the end this book didn't leave a lasting impression on me. 

Lost & Found and Finders Keepers - Nicole Williams
Somewhat entertaining romances that contained too much drama that didn't work for me and characters I couldn't connect with. The writing style did at times work for me, other times I felt disconnected. Two more easy to forget novels. 

Ok, in this book you get: Possible love triangles (in the past and now, seems to run in the family), too much back and forth, new developments that I couldn't believe in, characters that weren't that likable (main characters and secondary characters, I didn't like the families of the main characters), a backstory that was more annoying than fascinating and a love story that didn't have that much substance. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong for me went wrong. At the ending of the story I was annoyed by several things and relieved that I had finally reached the last page. 

The authors way to create stories is one that doesn't work for me, I know that others loved this story, I was annoyed by it. So in the future I will stay away from her novels.

Happy Reading!

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