08 July 2015

New books

I have bought a few new books in the last week, but thankfully not a ton of them. My TBR pile at home is still pretty big so I needed to slow down my book buying and I did. I plan to buy less books than I read for the next weeks, I need some more time to read, read and read. 

As you can see on the pic I also bought a beautiful new bookmark, I love frog princes (no idea why!) and just had to have this bookmark. 

The books
Prudence - Gail Carriger
The Perilous Sea - Sherry Thomas
All the bright places - Jennifer Niven
Deviant - Jaimie Roberts
Love and Chaos - Gemma Burgess

ebooks (not shown in video)
Absolute Beginners - SJ Hooks
Change of Heart - M.E. Carter
Where I belong - J. Daniels

I already read the first three of the listed ebooks, all of them were ok to nearly good, but none made me scream out of joy. 

Happy Reading!

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