22 July 2015

New books - books are the best presents

Five new books, one bought, three birthday presents and one surprise from a German publisher, it doesn't get more interesting than that, at least not on About Happy Books.  

I often get books or bookish things as presents for my birthday, my family knows me well and as avid readers themselves they are always willing to support my addiction. 

Bob, der Streuner - James Bowen
This German version of "A street cat named Bob" was a gift by my father, it's a book I actually thought about buying because I love cats and stories with them. So this was a very fitting gift. 

Das große Los - Meine Winnemuth
This non-fiction book was another present from my father, I wouldn't have bought the book myself, but after looking through the book it sounds interesting and now I'm excited to read it. Btw, große (big) is not written grosse like on the back of the book cover, I guess the ß (a variation of the letter s) would have looked weird because it doesn't exist as a capital letter, you have to love the German language. 

This is the German version of "Bad Romeo" and the book came one day in the mail from German publisher Fischer. I'm not sure why I got the book, but I have to say that it sounds exactly like the kind of romance that could work for me. So yeah for surprise books in the mail. 

This book is described as a creepy paranormal YA book, not my usual preference but from time to time I can handle some creepy things. 

Baking Chez Moi - Dorie Greenspan
This was a birthday present from my mom, it's my second book by the author and I'm so excited to bake my way through the book. I already made one cake, recipe #1, and it was delicious.
Greenspan's recipes always work for me and I love the little extras she tells you about where the cake is from and so on. This is the first book by her with metric units and thank goodness for that, the only thing left for me to convert is now Fahrenheit to Celsius and the size of the baking forms. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh, that's kinda weird isn't it? That they did use the metric system for measurements of how much your need, but not for how big your forms should be.

    1. It really is weird and especially with he forms pretty annoying. I have no idea why they didn't transfer all the sizes, temperatures and so on.

  2. Books are great presents, although whenever I ask for one, I never get it ( excuse being I have too many already.......)

    1. My family knows that I can never have too many books, so they are always willing to get me more. Even though I didn't even ask for books this year I still got some, my family knows what I like. :)

      Happy Reading!




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