19 July 2015

Good Books: Portland Storm, Every Breath, Cold Burn of Magic and Period Repair Manual

After talking to you about some books that didn't work for me it's time to talk about some books that I actually liked and that made me excited for more.

This ebook collection includes three full length novels and one novella, if you are new to the books by Catherine Gayle then this could be perfect for you. 

I enjoyed all of the books in this collection, especially the first two full length novels and the novella. The books are contemporary sports romances, the stories are at times light-hearted, but not always. You should know that Catherine Gayle often gives here heroines some hard things to deal with. Heroine #1 for example is a rape victim and it was honestly hard for me to read her story. Not because of personal experiences, but because Catherine Gayle made me see her characters as real people and it was hard for me to not feel incredibly sad about what had happened to heroine #1 in the past. I tend to take things that happen in books at times too seriously and that was the case with some of the things that happened in these novels. 

So no, the books weren't as light-hearted as I expected them to be and still I enjoyed all of them, the romances were very nice, the characters were likable and the drama was not over the top. Plus the sports elements added something exciting and light to the stories. Reading this collection of stories made me a fan by the author and it made me excited for more. 

So if you like contemporary romances with sports elements then the books by Catherine Gayle might be for you, just keep in mind that the books are not always that light-hearted. I personally will go on with reading Gayle's books, but will give some a miss that deal with things that are too serious and sad for my taste.

Since reading this set of stories I also read three more books in the series and I liked them, however they weren't as good as the first stories in the series, at least to me. But I still plan to go on with the new books in the series. 

Every Breath - Ellie Marney
This contemporary YA book with mystery elements is a new take on the Sherlock Holmes story, to be more exact on some of the things and ideas from the world of Sherlock Holmes.

At first I had some trouble to connect with the characters, when I was around page 30 I wasn't sure if the book would work for me or not. Then I decided to jump to the last chapters of the story and to read the end first before going on with the story, this is something I do regularly and that works for me brilliantly. I read and loved the last chapters, then went back to where I had stopped and all of a sudden I enjoyed reading the story a lot.

I loved learning more about the characters, about their pasts, about the mystery. The characters have rough edges, they aren't all pretty and shiny, they feel real and I always love that. My emotions were involved while reading the story and I had a great time. So going forward to the end of the story and then back to the beginning was just what I needed to do with "Every Breath".

The book is the first in a trilogy (?) and book #2 will be out later this year. You can bet that it's already on my wish list and that I will get it soon after its publication date. 

I read this first book in Estep's new paranormal YA series at a perfect time. I had just finshed a book that didn't work for me, that left me cold and bored me, "Cold Burn of Magic" was compared to that like a breath of fresh air. The story is full of action, interesting developments and danger, it's set in a fascinating world. Elements of other stories from Estep can be found in this book, but there are also enough fresh elements and developments to make me excited for more, to make sure that I'm not feeling as if I'm reading an old story. 

The world of the book is a harsh one, people are killed regularly, you have to be willing to do that to survive. Special magical abilities play an important role, as do intrigues, secrets and power plays. Of course there's also a possible romance, monsters, human and not so human ones, a mafia like war and more exciting things. 

"Cold Burn of Magic" might have not changed the way I see life and books, but I had a great time while reading the story and that's exactly what I wanted from the novel. I'm happy that Jennifer Estep's books nearly always work for me, she is one author I can count on right now and I hope that it will stay that way in the future. 

And then I read a non-fiction book that was a game changer for me, that opened my eyes to so many things regarding my period, that made me excited to take action into my own hands and to learn even more about what is going on inside of my body. 

Wether you have issues with your period or not, I think that most women would benefit from reading the book, would benefit from understanding more about period health in general. 

I not only learned a lot from reading the book, it also made me feel more confident, more relaxed about talking about periods and everything that has to do with it and I'm very thankful for all of that. 

I can definitely recommend this book and the author's blog to everyone, especially to those women who struggle with their period health or who just want to know more about what is going on in our body and why period health is so important. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Da bin ich ja froh, zu Esteps "Cold burn of Magic" mal eine gute Stimme zu hören! Bisher habe ich aus "verlässlichen" Quellen, deren Geschmack meinem ähnelt, eher von mäßiger Begeisterung läuten hören. So wie du es beschreibst, scheint es ein super Buch für Zwischendurch zu sein, also kann ich wohl auch mal einen Versuch starten, wenn mich die Lust packt, denn es hört sich nicht an, als würde man die Charaktere übermäßig in Watte packen - was mich momentan an YA etwas nervt...

    1. Mit dem in Watte packen hat es Estep ja sowieso nicht so wirklich. :)

      Für mich war es definitiv ein gutes Buch für zwischendrin, es muss für mich nicht immer absolut genial und unverwechselbar sein. Am Anfang war ich nicht sicher, ob bestimmte Dinge nicht denen in anderen Büchern von Estep zu sehr ähneln, aber auch das löste sich glücklicherweise in Luft auf. Ich denke, dass wenn man Esteps Bücher mag, ist die Chance groß, dass man auch die neue Serie mag.





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