22 July 2015

Good books (contemporary romance) - Playing to win, Just this once, Revved and With a twist

The start into my new reading pile was very successful, I already read four of the books two were good, one even great. Especially "Playing to win" by Jaci Burton made me excited to read more contemporary romances and to get more books in the Play by Play series. So far I read five books, not all were perfect, but some were great and I want more of that.

"Playing to win" is the kind of contemporary sports romance I enjoy. The story was entertaining and hot, the characters likable, the drama wasn't too over the top and I had a great time while reading the story. 

Now I'm reading two YA books (dystopian and paranormal), "Ignite me" by Tahereh Mafi (so far too much romance, not enough of the rest) and "Kin" by Lily St. Crow. Both books are the last books in trilogies and I'm super excited to finish the series. Update: Since starting to write this post I finished both books, I enjoyed "Kin" and didn't like "Ignite me". Now I'm finally finishing "The book of life" by Deborah Harkness

In the last week I also read some adult contemporary romances which I bought as ebooks. For once my luck with ebooks was amazing and in the last days I discovered some great new to me romances and authors. All of the three following books are first books in series, so yeah for more great books.  

Just this once - Rosalind James
Rosalind James describes her work with the words "Real women. Real men. Real romance." and that actually fits pretty well to what her romances are all about. The love stories always get enough time to develop, nothing is rushed. As a reader you have the chance to get to know the characters in detail, at the end of the books you feel as if you have gained a set of new friends.

I so far read the first three novels in the Escape to New Zealand series and #1, Just this once, is my favourite, but don't worry, I liked all three novels. Btw, I enjoy Rugby as a sports a lot, I think it's way more exciting than American Football or European Football, and my favourite team are of course the All Blacks, the team from New Zealand. If you have no idea about rugby then at least go to Youtube and search for "All Blacks Haka", you will be amazed!

"Just this once" starts with our hero rescuing our heroine from drowning. What starts as a chance encounter develops over the next days into something exciting. Hannah is spending her holiday in New Zealand and then it's back to the USA, but soon her relationship with Drew is deeper and more emotional than she could imagine.
The big question is if a move to New Zealand would be worth a try. Hannah also has to come to terms with the fact that Drew is more than a normal guy from New Zealand, as the captain of the All Blacks all eyes of the nation are on him.

Revved - Samantha Towle
Another book that is set in the sports world is Revved, it's once again the first book in the series and it's set in the world of the Formula 1. The main characters are a driver and a female mechanic. There is some instant attraction between them, then a friendship, then a relationship with some major for and back, then of course a beautiful happy ending. When I finished the book I was happy for the characters and excited for me, just as it should be.

The issues both main characters had with their relationship bordered on frustrating, but still entertained me a lot. I liked her a bit more than him, together as a couple they worked in a great way for me.

The second book in the series is another good romance, even though I had some more issues with the love story and some other things in that book.

If you like fast-paced contemporary romances, then this series could be for you.

With a twist - Staci Hart
As usual with books by Staci Hart (at least with the ones from the Hardcore series I read) this isn't the longest novel, but that doesn't matter. The author packs so many entertaining characters into her stories, there is always something exciting going one, the romance is a nice one that needs some time to develop, but once it's there it's great. It's a fast-paced read that always grabbed my interest and that made me very excited for more.

There will be two more books in the Bad Habits trilogy and I can't wait to read them. As a reader you already can guess who will end up with whom and that makes me even more excited to read the upcoming books, because the two possible couples promise a lot of great things. 

Happy Reading!

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