07 June 2015

Read: When a cold meets free ebooks

I recently had a bad cold and had to stay in bed for more days than I wanted to. I don't like reading new books from my TBR pile when something like this happens, because my brain is all mushy and concentrating  on books is hard. But because after a few days I was bored to death I spontaneously decided to download a crazy amount of free ebooks and some I paid for and I read them all. 

Most of the ebooks are books I started to read but then decided to skip some pages here and there, the romances often didn't work for me, at times I was bored or even annoyed by what was going on. So some books I read beginning to end, others not. That's why there are a lot of ebooks in this post. Of course it's a bit unfair to judge books I read when I wasn't feeling my best, but I'm still going to do it. Because most of the books are ones that didn't leave any lasting impression on me, that are very easy to forget, I thought short reviews containing only a few keywords would be appropriate.

what worked for me

  • Guarding Suzannah by Norah Wilson (overall a nice romantic suspense book with a rushed ending)
  • Liquid Regret by MJ Carnal (a Rock Star romance that felt a bit rushed, contained some shocking moments and that I enjoyed in the end)
  • Ryan Hunter by Anna Katmore (books #1 & #2 in the Grover Beach series are so far my favorites, the books are nice YA romances) 
  • Shopping for a millionaire by Julia Kent (I was entertained when reading the story and might go on with the series, I especially enjoyed the funny moments, the plot was a bit weak)

the rest 
  • Barefoot in White by Roxanne St. Claire (a nice romance that was a bit boring, my emotions weren't involved) 
  • Full Contact by Sidney Halst (didn't like the hero, nothing more to say)
  • Fighting Temptation by K.C. Lynn (too easy to forget once I finished it, plus I had some issues with the hero)
  • Rae Falling by Blair Babylon (interesting plot, execution made me not excited for more, especially because there will be a row of shorter stories in this series)
  • Her first billionaire by Julia Kent (could have worked for me, but didn't, things seemed too rushed and over the top)
  • Dating Trouble by Anna Katmore (didn't like the male main character, that's why this YA romance was not a big hit for me)
  • Liquid Courage by MJ Carnal (not as enjoyable as #1 in the series, some revelations were easy to guess and not that logical once you really think about them)
  • Knocked up by the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz (somehow I enjoyed the book, but when I think about the story I'm not sure why, the plot is over the top dramatic and not really my thing, but the writing style made it easy to get lost in the story even though I should have been annoyed by a lot of things)

Happy Reading!


  1. I hope all is well now. What a great idea it is to read freebies when your out for a bit and it's great that you at least found a handful that worked well for you.

    1. I'm also happy about it, but it also reminded me that I need to be more careful about which freebies to download. And yes, I'm finally well again, thank goodness.

      Happy Reading!




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