04 May 2015

The superior reader - post answer

One of the best videos on Booktube I have seen in months is "The superior reader" by Booktuber Emily Jean, in her video she talks about some things that have bothered me for some time now, that in the past even bothered me about myself.

There are no superiors readers, it doesn't matter how many books you read, what you read, if you buy your books or get them at the library, if you write phenomenal reviews or not, if your equipment is amazing or not, if you read print books or prefer ebooks, how you rate books, there are no superior readers or bloggers or booktubers. We all are readers, we all, hopefully, read books because we enjoy reading, we all, once again hopefully, read the books we want to read, the books that make us happy readers.

It's easy to look down on other people, to feel superior because you read faster than others, because you can buy more books than others, because publishers send you tons of ARCs, because you read important books (so of course no romances or YA), because you have deep, life-changing thoughts on books, because a lot of people think that you are amazing. But honestly, all that doesn't mean that you are better than anybody else, that you are a superior reader. In the end you are just a reader, a reader like the rest of us and isn't that amazing? 

It doesn't matter how, what, when and where you read, you are a reader. Everything else is secondary and doesn't matter that much. 

Happy Reading!


  1. I don't really watch booktubers, but I'll watch this video, sounds interesting.

    1. Hope you will enjoy the video. A while ago I watched a lot of booktube channels, now I'm down to maybe 8-10, I rekindled my love for book blogs and actually now prefer them once again.

      Happy Reading!




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